Dr. LaFaye Platter offers powerful innovative solutions to leaders who have a desire to create better organizations.  Her individualized offerings help large and small groups alike harness the power of positive, interactive relationships.  She provides consulting, coaching, and custom-designed professional development based on needs. Dr. Platter understands the technical components of organizations as well as he cultural issues that often get in the way of success.  Dr. Platter's research and professional development in the areas of emotional intelligence and team dynamics enhance her ability to bring out the best in leaders for good of the organization.




At LaFayePlatter.com we know that the value in any organization lies in the people.  Dr. Platter helps organizations align their policies, process, and procedures in a way that brings out the best in everyone.  She helps leaders truly live and lead in alignment with their values.



Dr. Platter has the vision of helping leaders solve complex issues by providing a simple solution.  She understands the intricacy involved in organizations and has experienced the clarity, focus, and innovation that emerges when ​problems are approached in a systematic way. 


At LaFayePlatter.com we recognize the immense power inherent in being a leader.  We also know that leadership can come from any position in an organization.  Dr. Platter focuses on helping leaders become better at analyzing situations from a broad perspective and then helps them increase the skills necessary to bring about the necessary improvement.