our mission.


My passion for helping organizations function more effectively began decades ago. 


I received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and worked in the fields of finance, accounting, marketing, and commercial real estate for over a decade to experience organizational culture first hand.


I learned not only the technical components of each trade, but, also the political and cultural influences that affect the success of leaders and their organizations. 


I transitioned to education and was a classroom teacher for four years before entering education administration. I was able to study team dynamics, political and social dysfunction, and continue to further enhance my finance and human resources skills.During my time in education I received a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University and served as a site administrator and Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources. 


I began speaking, consulting, and coaching several years ago when leaders began to ask for my help in solving issues. I am energized by working with people to analyze problems and put together a plan that makes life better for all stakeholders.


My mission is to provide a simple plan for complex systems. 

The 30+ years that I spent in organizations and the vast amounts of theory and research I have studied led me create a model called E4.


 For complex systems to be progressive and responsive to the internal and external threats that face all systems, there must be an expectation or vision.  Next, the people in charge of moving the vision forward must have everything they need to execute the action plan.Thirdly, evaluating progress toward the vision with a defined set of metrics is essential to make the proper course corrections. 


Finally, having a well-defined exit strategy is necessary. The organization will have exponentially more power for success when all four “E’s” are executed with fidelity.  


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